Former Supreme Commander SIR ROGELIO M. QUIAMBAO, KGCR passed away


Today the 11th September Sir Rogelio M. Quiambao, KGCR passed away at the age of 79. Sir Rogelio was the supreme commander of the Order of Knights of Rizal between 1996-2000. Having studied law at the University of the East he was called to the bar in 1966, he also served as an assemblyman for Quezon City 1978-1984. His last post was serving as chairman of the Council of Elders of the Order of Knights of Rizal.

On behalf of The Hague Chapter i wish his family strength for the coming time.

May you rest in peace, Sir Regilio Quiambao. Non Omnis Moriar.

Sir Anton Lutter, KCR

Celebrating Philippine-Netherlands relations


In 2016 the Netherlands and the Philippines celebrate 65 years of diplomatic relations and 150 years of consular relations. During this Anniversary year the Embassy will organize multiple events on the theme innovation for sustainability.

The relations between The Philipines and the Netherlands are ever developing and growing. Simplest indication is growth of trade: over the last 5 years we saw a steady growth of import and export of 10 % annually. But not only trade is growing, also investments. More and more Dutch companies are interested in starting in The Philippines and again: also the other way around.

We want to use this year of celebration to further strengthen our networks, to invest in our common future. We have chosen to do that around the central theme: innovation for sustainability

Why innovation?

We think that innovation is where the potential lies for the strengthening of our common future. Both Philipino’s and Dutch are creative people. Actually innovation is what keeps the Netherlands amongst the largest economies in the world. And the craftmanship and creativity of Philipino’s is what fuels the development of this country. Together we can get so far.

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